Thursday, November 4, 2010

Practicing Creativity Release: Rejoice! & Everyday Prints

Wow, it's been a really fun and crazy week, but I think we've left the best for last! And if you've missed the other days of our release go check them out. There are several stamps up for grabs:

Tonight's the big release night! Both Rejoice! and Everyday Prints will go on sale tonight at midnight on our website. But before the big release we've got tons of projects for you, and two videos so you can see more of Rejoice! and Everyday Prints. 

Every November I set out to put my pages together for my December Daily (you can see 2008 and 2009 here). For my project I knew I wanted to use the frame from Everyday Prints in my album. I decided that the frame would make a great place to put my numbers each day! I set out and stamped 25 frames. 

I love just seeing them all together. My office has become a total wreck working on this project and I'm no where close to being done. I do love the way it's turning out so far. Here are just a few pages so far, I'll be updated more as the month goes along. 
For this page I used an acrylic sheet, a large Tim Holtz number, and of course one of my frames. For this frame I turned it into a journal spot. 
For Day 4, I used the frame's white space, one of the Christmas icons, and the swirl from Retro Christmas Backgrounds.

For day 5, I again used the frame, but this time I used it to frame my five. 

And finally on day I used the frame in it's more traditional form. I'm so in love with how this is looking I just want to stay up all night working on it! 

I've got two videos for you on both stamp sets: 
Everyday Prints:
View Rejoice! on YouTube

And check out the design team's amazing projects!
Dana made this amazing, AMAZING banner. My jaw honestly dropped when I saw this banner! She also used our red and white grosgrain ribbon, and our olive fabric tape. I know I will 100% sure be making my own banner like this!

 Paulina made these cute little boxes with the star-burst stamp from Everyday Prints and the tree from Retro Christmas.

 Karen made these super sweet place cards! I just love the winter look for these, and I know you'll want to check out her blog for details on how she achieved this look.

We also have a few new ribbons to share with you!

Aren't they gorgeous? I'll be back tonight with more details on the ribbon, this week's stamp winners, and of course to shoe you what the sets look like! So let's hear it, do you document your Christmas season?


Lynn said... much fabulous inspiration!

Dana said...

EEEEK, I LOVE your December Daily pages...adorable! And that ribbon? *swoon* I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Laura.K said...

Gorgeous cards. I love that banner. And the ribbons are so yummy.

Lee Anne said...

Love your December Daily design this year! Can't wait to see all the sets!

Emily Keaton said...

Great projects and videos!! Do we document our Christmas season? I guess the fact that we videotape our time in front of the Christmas tree every Dec 25 means YES!!

Lea L. said...

Those ribbons are fabulous!! Love them!

Do I document the Holiday season? Well, I take photos all through it. But, I don't really scrapbook any longer- so I am trying to find a better alternative. I think I am going to do coffee table style books, and do one for each year.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

No documenting here although I should. And wow oh wow! Great cards ladies and I LOVE that new ribbon!

Jen Carter said...

Very pretty! Love that new ribbon too!

jen said...

LOVE the way your december pages are looking- that giant 3 is so fun! more great peaks! and of course I love that ribbon- that sparkly velvet is so awesome in person!!!
(and i'm ridiculously behind in documenting ANYTHING! ugh.)

AShu93 said...

Beautiful ribbons! I don't do anything specifically to document December or Christmas different than any other event.

Cassi said...

I don't document my Christmas season, maybe next year. Just love your versatile label, it's great.

Tammy said...

Everybody has done a great job! Love the new ribbon too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa Petrella said...

Those frames DO look so FUN in all different colors in a pile like that! And I LOVE your December Daily project!!! What a wonderful idea! I take photos during the Christmas season, but they usually just end up in a folder on the computer. I have been thinking about getting back into scrapbooking---maybe a mini album is a good way to start.