Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary.

I'm full of questions lately, but I need to know how you other stampers out there keep your embossing powder crisp. Do you use an embossing buddy? Does it work? I read on SCC years ago that you could use a drier sheet, and that's what I use. However, it really doesn't work.

All that said, here the card I made tonight with a ton of embossing. 

Here's what I used:

Stamps: Damask Designs, In Bloom
Ink: VersaMark, Vintage Cream
Paper: Vintage Cream, Kraft, Chocolate Chip
Embossing Powder: Gold

Do you have been plans this weekend? I have a sewing class tomorrow morning, and then Monday my family is off to canoe!


Ma Moreira said...

Really lovely Courtney! Love the colors and this embossing.

Elise said...

Hello, cute Courtney! That is one gorgeous card! Your fight with embossing powder was worth it! I've been told the same thing about the used dryer sheets, but I swear by embossing buddies! They are inexpensive and sooooooo helpful! I actually have three or four, and keep them in different locations, totes, etc., so I'm never without! They last forever, so for the McGuiver in you: let the dryer sheet go, you'll be so relieved! {hee hee}

~amy~ said...

wow...this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I use to always emboss but really don't do it that much...lazy :) I'm relaxing this weekend and but setting aside 1 day to craft :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Hey... great card! Very nice!! I bought the embossing buddy because I had trouble and it works really well! You have to rub it really good all over the paper you are going to emboss on but I would definitely recommend it!

Unknown said...

really cute card. thank you for sharing.

jessica lynn

Daniela F. said...

A couple of seconds ago, my eyes were growing bigger and bigger because of the thought: "finally... kraft colored ink!!" LOL I need to calibrate my mac ;-) Your card looks gorgeous and so elegant, Courtney!! I heared about the dryer sheets, too, but always forgot to use them when it comes to embossing.

~kelly marie~ said...

Gorgeous card! It's so luxe! I love it! I use the embossing buddy, and it helps a bit. The right embossing powder seems to work for me too. I really love the American Crafts Zing powder.