Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Wreath

If you watched my first video from CK Nashville (here) you saw the supplies for this wreath. My original idea was to make on similar to my Christmas wreath last year (here). However, I forgot one of the main reasons that paper worked so well... it was double sided. The glitter paper I was so excited about was not. Here's what I ended up with:

First I cut my glitter paper into 1x5 strips. Then, I just wrapped them around and pinned them into my foam wreath. I wasn't too worried about keeping the back pretty, since I knew it wouldn't show. For my letters, I just used some old SU! Chipboard letters and covered them with some American Crafts Halloween paper. I think the contrast worked out well.

Can you tell I'm excited about decorating for Halloween? I can't wait to hang this up on Halloween night when my trick or treaters come. Oh, wait, yea... that's right... I don't have any. I'll hang it up anyway! Maybe I'll go around and beg some kids to come to come.

In other news, on September 30 I have some very exciting news that I am going to be announcing with a few other fabulous bloggers, and I hope it is something you will be excited about as well! And if this helps any, there is a $25 gift card involved!

Here's a little hint:

Any guesses? I hope you're having a great Friday!


Elise said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm twitching with excitement about the possibility! All of it: from the Halloween decor to what your announcement is....? My first guess is that you'll pay my bills and take me shopping at Pottery BARN! Yeah, baby! YEAH! {oh, am I on the wrong track!?! tee hee}

Seriously, sweet gal: that wreath is hot! Me likey! I peeked at your fabulous Christmas wreath: YUMMY! They are both wonderful! In fact, I think the Halloweeney wreath is a happy surprise with all of it's wrapped blingy/glitter paper: it reminds me of witchy hosiery! Hee Hee Very cute, Courtney! Hope to see some of your Halloween Home Makeover (if you share it!) AND can't wait for your announcement! Mwaaahhhhh haaa hah!

Jane said...

Awesome wreath!! I'm clueless but excited to find out the good news!

Melissa said...

I love that glittery wreath, such a fun decoration!

Carly said...

That wreath is so fun! Love it! Oh and exciting news coming!!! I can't wait! Anything to do with Pottery Barn has my attention. :-)

Janelle said...

Love the wreath, Courtney. Very sparkly! Maybe you all are starting a new challenge blog using inspirations from our "junk" mail (although, I do not classify Pottery Barn catalogs as junk...). But, if you decide to use Elise's idea about paying bills and taking shopping trips -- put me in line! :)

Kay said...

Great wreath! I LOVE decorating for Halloween, too and I have way too much stuff! LOL

Can't wait to hear your good news!! ♥♥ Kay

Maile Belles said...

Beautiful wreath! Can't wait to find out the news!

~kelly marie~ said...

Wow!! You never cease to blow me away!!