Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I woke up this morning with a very sore back. Who knew canoeing would be so hard? I'm thinking some of that gardening probably made me more sore, but seriously if I would have known I would have taken some Advil.

I was able to make simple and clean scrapbook page tonight. I feel like I've been scrapbooking my Florida pictures FOREVER. So I'm sure you'll be glad to hear this is the last page! I'm ready to move on. I did finally use some of my Basic Gray Lemonade paper I've been saving in a 12x12 sheet.

My favorite thing about this page is the buttons. These are REAL vintage buttons that I happen to score at yard sale earlier this summer. Check them out:

Lastly, I finally picked out a photograph I wanted to order from Traveling Mama. There were just so many I wanted, and several that would play into my love of neutral decorating. If you haven't seen what Tina is doing check it out here. It's an amazing project. Plus the photography is 100% easy to get excited about.

Here is the photo I purchased from her shop (all proceeds are going to a school in Morocco):
If you would like to contribute to her project check out her etsy shop here


Emily Echols said...

Love the scrapbok page......everytime I see your Florida pages, I want to go back! I lvoe the bottons.

Ann said...

Great LO, Courtney! I love those buttons!

I'm sore, too...went jet skiing this weekend and fell off twice. Now I'm feeling like an old lady! :P

Elise said...

Holy Buttons, Batman! That's a cool L/O! What fun! That paper works GREAT with your fun pictures and candy-licious buttons! Way to get your scrap on, girl! Yee Haw!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Ohhh... that is a gorgeous pic! I was thinking about getting the slipper one because... I think about that colorful photo a lot! I need to do that... I said I would do it when I got back from vacation! Thanks for the reminder!

Oh... and I am soooo jealous... I want those buttons! :) Cute cute page!!

Unknown said...

Made me love buttons all the more!

Karen said...

First....LOVE those buttons!!!! I seem to have a button obsession lately...unfortunately, they are not ending up on my projects nearly enough for the amount I have. So, good for you for having those little treasures And for Using them!!

I also really like that pp....I have trouble using a full sheet and making it work, but it all balances well here. Another great piece is your vertical title! It looks like a great time had! :>

Hope your back eases up a bit soon. And hopefully, it feels like a good sore......you know, when you at least got something done or had fun to get the sore vs. just having it and wihtout a good reason......am I making any sense? Hope so.

Jessica said...

Super cute layout. Love all the buttons :)

~kelly marie~ said...

Wow! This LO is gorgeous! I just love the buttons all the way across. You find the best garage sale scores!