Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a quick book.

Whew. I went straight outside today when I got home today. As much as I love my flowers it really is work. When I finally got done I realized I was covered in dirt. Granted, I decided it was my mission of the day to try to dig up some of the rocks in our yard! Does anyone else have a million rocks in their back yard?

I did take a moment to take some pictures of my growing plants:
And my mom gave these flowers. They are really dramatic and tall, but I've unfortunately already forgotten their name! Mom... little help here...After I finished my Chicago scrapbook I decided to tackle my other to-do project sitting on my work space. My sweet husband Chase was ordained last month, and it was truly a special moment for both of us. We do have video from the ceremony, but I really wanted something to remember the occasion by. Thankfully, I had kept all of the sweet cards and letters Chase received that day and made this little book:It's really nothing fancy, but it's a great way to organize and keep your cards, programs etc. I know this will be something he goes back and reads from time to time.


Mary Anna said...

Ya, I know what you've been doing with those rocks... And I'm in full support.

Lynnette said...

You are a trooper on your yard work. I have many weeds that need to be pulled, but I've not tackled them yet (probably because they're just going to return).

Congrats to Chase, what a blessing! Praise God!! Such a nice way to organize all the memorabilia, that book is great!

~kelly marie~ said...

What a great way to organize things, instead of just putting them in a box. I love it!

Congrats to your husband!