Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here's Maddie in her Halloween costume. Yes, she's a lion. And yes, she totally hates us. She wears little sweatshirts and shirts from time to time, but man she hated her lion suit. I think it made her too hot... but isn't she still cute?

And yesterday two exciting things happened... I got this package of cards from my blog friend Lynnette with several swap cards! Aren't they fantastic?

What's interesting is I could tell you at first glance who's was whose.  Awesome cards... Kelley E, Kelly A., Lynnette and Winter! You girls are some FANTASTIC card makers!

Lastly... Chase and I spent last night painting our dining room and kitchen. Actually my downstairs is all one color! If you don't know this trick, painting one color really makes your space really open up. So if it's a color you really love go for it!  I do have plans to really do some special things in my dining room (aka bead board), but since we weren't sure when we would get to that we just painted. Also, now I have to change out my seat cushions.

Chase and I headed to Knoxville tonight for the Tennessee v. South Carolina game. Can you all start praying for no rain. My Alabama lovin' husband may not be very happy on the way back if we have to sit in rain the whole time!

Also, don't forget about Everything But The Kitchen Sink. I posted the new challenge yesterday, or you can get the link off my side bar.


Stephanie said...

Maddie is the sweetest lion!!

Love the color - and your light in the dining pretty :)

Winter said...

Oh, Maddie is so cute! She looks embarrassed! :) And the cards, I could tell who's they were too! I loved getting them, and I was so excited when I saw yours, because I loved it when you posted it on your blog! If you look at our cards, they have similar designs! :)

Karen said...

Hi Courtney! Those are some fabulous cards! You are always painting, aren't you? Do you want to come here and paint my house? It definitely needs it!! Sending our 'no rain' prayers! Happy Halloween! :>

Kelley Eubanks said...

How cute is Maddie?!?! It is funny you said that about knowing instantly. I told Winter the same thing last night! I knew immediately who made what card. Of course... I saw yours before so that was too easy! :)

Kay said...

That look on Maddie's face! Just too cute!!!! She's makes an adorable lion.

What a fun surprise to receive in the mail. All of the cards are beautiful! ♥♥ Kay

Elise said...

Yummmmmmy! I smell me some fresh paint and a hilarious and slightly P.O.'d pup! Golly gosh that costume is perfect! AND, hey!!!!! Look at the card booty! Awesome collection you have there, my friend ~ you guys are such fun!