Friday, October 9, 2009

Gradient Is Radiant

Tonight is the last night to enter the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Challenge!


Tonight after cleaning and taking Maddie back to the vet, I sat down to participate in the latest Moxie Fab Challenge: Gradient Is Radiant. To be honest at first I was a little stumped, but once I thought about paint it was all down hill from there.

I started with my wood grain stamp and some white and purple paint. I used my paint tray to mix my shades, and painted them on my stamp.

And here's everything pulled together:

After I got it completely finished I decided it needed something else. So I took some diamond Stickes and added them to some of the lines in the wood grain. It looks pretty cool in person!

Stamps: Halloween Tags (PTI)
Paper: Black (SU), White, Spring Moss (PTI)
Ink: Black (Momento), Green Chalk (Technique Tuesday)
Ribbon: Black Satin (PTI), Twine (May Arts)
Punch: Upper Crest (Fiskars)

Also, just a quick update on Maddie. Remember this card I made earlier this week?

Well, on Thursday I got a call from Chase and it went something like this:

Chase: You know that circle card you made last night.
Me: Yea.
Chase: Well, Maddie really loved that card.
Me: Really? (still confused)
Chase: Yep, I found it outside the bonus room. She ate it.

Truly, Maddie really does not chew... except crafts. I'm wondering if it was the glue... but check it out now.

A dog after my own heart. :) 


Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh my goodness!! That is hilarious!! So sorry about your cute card!! :) Your halloween card is great!! Paint... who would have thunk it!! Turned out great!

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a fabulous day! (just read about it on Kelley`s post)

Your gradient card is awesome!


jen said...

Love what you did with this challenge!!
Silly Maddie!!

Christina Smith said...

Oh dear! I remember one time my cat was licking a piece of cardstock once. I figured out it had some technique used on it that was sweetened condensed milk. That explained it!

Elise said...

First of all, soooooo impressed that you have such a CRAFTY dog! Hee Hee Sometimes our work just NEEDS a lil' tweaking! Hee Hee

I mean, "Arf! Arf!"

But back to the gradient Halloweeney card: {tongue roll: thhhhhhhhhhhhhh!} Gorgeous! What great use of that challenge and your materials! So awesome! Me likey!

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! {A lil' bird told me!} Have a beautiful day, sweetie!

Melissa said...

Love your gradient card--fun idea! Sorry about your card, I have to be sure to close up my craft room so my kids don't go in and tear the place up, sounds like you may have to do the same!

Laurel said...

LOVE your boo card! Too funny about your card, you are taking it well, I'm pretty possessive about my cards and I am sure that would send me over the top! (of course that being said, we have puppy as well - but I didn't want to get one; but one look at her cuteness and all would be forgiven!)

Winter said...

Happy Birthday! :) Great idea to use paint! I love the colors! I guess your dog thought it looked so good she could eat it! :)

Lynnette said...

AWWWWWwww, it was meant to be. She is truly your dog. (sorry about the loss of the card---- I lost many a pair of shoes when I first got George)

Lynnette said...

Happy birthday and gorgeous gradient card!!

Randee E said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!! Hope your day is filled with happy surprises. Silly Maddie, I loved that card - apparently she did too!!

Kay said...

Oh gosh, Courtney! That's really funny!!! Thanks for the laugh, but sorry about the card! ;o)

It's your birthday? Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!!! I hope it's the very BEST!!!!

Brilliant idea on your gradient card! The woodgrain stamp is awesome and the card turned out perfect!!!! ♥♥ Kay

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Hi Courtney! Thanks for entering the challenge! :)

Stephanie said...

that little stinker :) I think she's telling you that there should be more Maddie time & less crafting time - uh oh!!

love the woodgrain for Halloween - looks fabulous! and I'm in awe that you broke out the paint...i'm such the lazy bones - if it's not in near reach, I rarely pull it out.