Wednesday, June 3, 2009

look who made a card.

Yep, that's right, I hung out in my craft room. This card is totally different from my 'norm'. It actually was inspired by a bag from fossil. It had a super graphic print in gray ink on an off white base.

I actually told my friend Mary Anna that I should make a card based on the bag. What do you think Mary Anna?

I started off with my base, Naturals Ivory, and a blocked off area that I didn't want to stamp on. I drew a type of grid on my card, so I could create my graphic pattern.
I used three of the dots from Polka Dot Basics and went to stamping. The only colors I used on this card is basic grey and my black writer. After stamping my card I traced around my blocked off piece and ended up with this:
I added a sentiment from Friends 'Til the End:
So not my norm, but kind of a fun card to get me out of my slump.

In other non-crafty news, my sweet little sister graduated yesterday:
Isn't she cute? That's my whole family... how tan is my brother?


Ann said...

Cool card. I like that it's graphic, but still simple. It'd make a good guy card.

~kelly marie~ said...

I love the card!! Very cool! It looks like it could be in a boutique!

Congrats to your sister!

Winter said...

Cute card! It's so neat how everything we see can be an inspiration to make something! Free ideas! :)

Mary Anna said...

You failed to mention that I thought you were going to make a card out of my bag...not like my bag. Just sayin.