Sunday, June 7, 2009

another backyard project.

Yesterday Chase and I go a ton done! We woke up at 6:00 and started to knock things off of our to-do list.

- Chase rode for 31 miles on this bike
- Ran to Lowes and stopped at several yard sales on the way
- Cleaned the house
- Mowed the yard (I have a serious sunburn from this)
- Stained the deck

Here's our work on the deck.

We started off by priming the handrail.

Once we got the handrail primed we stared staining our small retaining wall. Our original plan was to use stone to cover this, but we realized the ONLY people that ever see it is our neighbors we thought we would just stain it for now.
We (really Chase did while I mowed) stained the landing area.
Chase put on the final coat of white paint, and we were done. For just $40 it has a great finished effect. I hope you all are having a great Sunday!


Scrapping Julie said...

lovin' the new house! coming along great. NO, i did not notice the jenni bowlin story. funny thing, i went to her yard sale about 2 years ago. and i was one WEEK late! it was just sitting there in front of the house like really, no one here. then her mother drove by looking at me like what is the crazy woman doing staring at this house. then i finally said is this jenni's yard sale. she looked a little relieved and said no that was last week! DANG it! okay i guess though because i have taken on of her classes before. she is so super sweet. funny way for you to meet her huh?

Lynnette said...

You guys are making such progress! It looks terrific! I like the retaining wall as it is. Congrats on a productive weekend.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Looks great Courtney! Can't wait to see all of your new stuff/hard work in person!

~kelly marie~ said...

Wow! You guys are incredible! I'm always impressed with your house projects!

Winter said...

WOW ya'll have been busy! It's looking great! Love the stained wall! :)