Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Windy City.

Well, yesterday was catch up day at work. I had to work later than I normally do, but it was kind of fun getting back into "normal."

After looking through all of our pictures, we probably took the best pictures the very first day. And we also walked a million miles the first day too. We started off at toast for breakfast (recommended by my friend Mary Anna):
Don't you love that sign? Poor Chase was verbally assaulted by the manager for having a southern accent. I think he was pretty offended, but I think in reality she really liked him. I mean how cute is he? How can you not like him? In her exact words she said, "I didn't notice your accent (speaking to me) but you (to Chase) sound like you should be playing the banjo." I mean a banjo? Listen people, just because you're from Nashville and have an accent doesn't mean you play the banjo or like country music. Just saying.

From toast we took the el to Millennium Park. Can I just say that I love this bean? Why can't we have some cool art like that in Nashville? I heard it quoted while I was there, "Great art can make a city." I truely believe that, and I'm requested some kind of equally cool bean type art here. This is my official request. I'm sure the right people will heed my request.

The pictures look amazing. Do you see our friend Jon waving in the background?
The boys were too cool to do this, so Ashley and I did our own jumping picture.
There wasn't anything going on at the ampitheater, I just thought it looked so cool. I love repeating elements in photography...
After we did the magnificent mile and a lot of shopping... we had.... wait for it... wait for it...Pizza! So good. I loved it. Someone please tell me why they don't make this everywhere. So good. So that was day one... more coming soon.


Brit Swiderski said...

Yum! Chicago pizza is so delicious. I'm originally from Chicago and HAVE to get it every time I'm around. Which one did you go to? Looks like you had a great time!

♥Aubrey said...

Ha...The picture of you jumping is classic. I noticed on another blog you like vinyl lettering. If you get the chance pop over to my blog as my giveaway ends tonight. Good luck!

Mary Anna said...

You don't like the roller coaster wannabe we have down at Riverfront? And you call yourself a Nashvillian... ;)

Word verification: "suprog"

Translation: "What's up Roger?"

Ann said...

Okay, first off, we Illinoisians are not all as ignorant as the banjo comment woman. ;) Second, where did you get pizza? Gino's East is my fave, although there are many fab places for pizza there!

Lynnette said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy, Chicago pizza. Could you two be any cuter of a couple?! (I think not.) So glad your trip was fun.

BTW, thanks for the tip on bakerella. I made the graduation caps for a party today!

~kelly marie~ said...

I love your Chicago pics! You are your hubby are so cute!

I am so wishing I had a piece of Chicago pizza right now. It really is the best!! Chicago must have some kind of trademark on it because if not, I think they would make it everywhere! :)