Friday, May 22, 2009

off, off and away.

I am leaving tonight for Chicago tonight. So, I will MIA for the next few days. We finally have a packed itenerary! And I couldn't be more excited.

Since I'll be gone I thought I'd leave my fellow bloggers with some reading material. Personally, nothing makes me happier than finding another great blog. So without further ado, let me blog post that I have enjoyed lately:

Bakerella. I'm sure many of you already read her blog, but she is awesome. Love all of her posts. I particularly loved this one. I thought about trying to make them myself, but then I realized I didn't know how to do any of that stuff. Everytime my friend Lindsay and I try to make candy... well it just doesn't turn out well.

Buzzing of a Queen Bee. I just found this blog recently, and well I love it. I especially love these wreathes she's been making. I may not try making cute candies, but I will be trying this.

The Lettered Cottage. This blog has been a long time favorite of mine. I just love Layla, and she's helped me a ton with my own decorating. She seriously has amazing inspirtation ALL THE TIME, but recently I loved this post. I could do that. You could do that. That's why her blog is so amazing. Practical style, practical inspiration. You can't beat it.

In the craft world, we all know about Kwerner, Dawn McVey and Ali Edwards, but there are tons of other great bloggers too.

Lately I've been loving growing a community of bloggers that I visit with via the blog world and share inspiration and encouragement:

Traveling Mama - Her clean style and graphic style is fabulous. Check out this card.
Lynnette at Netters Notable's - We share a love for a 3D textured style (well that's my assesment Lynnette, hope you agree)
Winter Wonderland - Well we both love guys name Chase or Chace in her case! Here is one of my favorite cards from her.
Lawn Fawn Cards - Kelly Marie makes some seriously cute cards! I love this recent one here.
My Front Porch - Kelley is my for real "in real life" friend. I'm the one that got her into stamping and the into Papertreyink, and now she's blogging. I love this card. I'm pretty sure I could hang it in my house and it would look great with my style.

I'm I the only one that feels like they are friends with the writers of their favorite blogs? I hope you had fun visiting some of my favorites, there's plenty more in my google reader. I'll be adding them soon. So if you're a regular commentor on my blog, I'm probably loving your blog too, and I'll be continuing my list soon.

Alright, the next time you'll hear from me, I'll have pictures from Chicago (and stuff from a trip to Archiver's). Until next time...


Kelley Eubanks said...
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~kelly marie~ said...

Oh my goodness! You are so sweet to mention my blog. I definitely feel like I am friends with my favorite bloggers too :). It's just too bad we all don't live close to each other!

I hope you enjoy Chicago. It's a great city! You should check out the Paper Source while you are there. It is two stories and awesome! :)

Lynnette said...

What a sweetheart you are to give a shout-out for my blog. Thanks for categorizing my style. I always feel like I don't really havce a style.

I agree, I feel like I am friends with my bloggin pals. I'm grateful to blogging for bringing wonderful individuals, such as yourself, into my life.

I hope your trip is fabulous and look forward to hearing all about it.