Saturday, May 30, 2009

so get this....

So, today I went to several yard sales. I'm so into decorating at the moment, that just finding possibilities with other people's 'junk' is so fun to me. So today I'm walking around this fantastic sale, great antiques etc. When I see a ton of scrapbook stuff. I mean a TON. And it was all new. I eventually asked if someone owned a scrapbook store. Any guesses at who the owner of the yard sale....

Jenni Bowlin.

She answered my question, by saying she was a whole seller and showing me her logo. Of course she had no idea that I am a crazy card maker and know all the brands. Here's the conversation:

Jenni: Here's my logo.
Me: (Look at logo, look at Jenni)
Jenni: You might have seen it if you've ever been to a scrapbook store.
Me: Oh no. I know EXACTLY who you are. Ali Edwards was just talking about your paper the other day.

I of course had to call the only person I knew that would be able to appreciate my interesting morning, my friend Kelley. Pretty fun eh?

I did buy several things while I was yard selling today. I purchased two planters, brought them home and immediately spray painted them black. I really like the way they turned out:
Lastly, I haven't been crafting much (well I have it's just massed produced), because I've been finishing these:Do you remember my first mock up here? I made a few changes. I did add some polka dots with versa mark to the background. I also just used the certainly celery to make the bow, rather than both the brown and celery. I think I like it better? What about you?

I'm off to address envelopes!


Ann said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You met Jenni Bowlin? TOO cool!

Winter said...

I go to garage sales looking for scrapbooking supplies all the time and never find anything, how cool is it that you sctually found some from someone who knows what their doing?! So neat! The invitations look adorable! Great job!!

Lynnette said...

What a small world, isn't it?! How much fun is that to run into a stamping "celebrity!"

I love the way the invitations turned out. They are gorgeous:) Everyone is gonna love them.

And the graduation caps were a hit although people seemed afraid to eat them for messing up the display. Thanks again for the tip.

~kelly marie~ said...

First of all, your invites are the cutest things! Your friend is so lucky to be able to send out such adorable invites!

That is so crazy that you met Jenni Bowlin!! What a small world, huh? I would have been so excited! I don't think there is a single person that even does crafts in L.A.!

~kelly marie~ said...

The PTI release last month was so good, huh? I love their stuff! It's dangerous!

I always think all the crafters are in the midwest. I seriously do not have a single crafty friend here. I have lots of movie friends though! I guess there are artsy people here, but not paper crafters.

I am glad we have this online community. Especially so that I know there are other people as obsessed with this as I am :).

Laurel said...

These are so cute! Just came across your blog and can't wait to follow it!