Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a quick little project.

This weekend I finished up a little project at my mom's house. We updated her cherry china cabinet with some natural sea grass wall covering. It looks great, and I promise I'll pose some pictures once she gets the hardware changed out (hint hint mom).

Well we had some wall paper left over, and I decided to revamp my little black bookshelf downstairs. Here it was from before:Now, let me tell you this bookshelf is CHEAP! I'm pretty sure this is it from Target. Chase and I bought it right after we got married because we had so many books. It was crazy. Since then we have gotten rid of a lot of books (thankfully). Below I've taken everything off, and taken out the back and shelf. That cheap piece of black cardboard made this pretty easy. I just cut the covering to it's size and used double sided tape to attach. Yes, double side tape. I'm too into decorating to do anything permanent. Here it is back together. The texture on this is great. My lighting isn't nearly as good as with my beginning picture, but I promise it looks great. And it looks great with this living room.
Now I'm thinking about adding it to a shelf in my craft room... decisions.

In other news I'm beginning to work on my Raspberry Suite Challenge. I should have that up tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


Kelley Eubanks said...

that looks great courtney!

Winter said...

Oh, that looks so pretty! The texture is great! We are going to start building a house soon, so we haven't done much decorating in our current house, but can't wait to start in our new one! :)