Monday, April 13, 2009

my beautiful disaster.

Next Saturday I will be participating in my first neighborhood yard sale. Because I love to throw stuff away I don't have a ton to sale, but I think the experience will be so fun. In an attempt to get organized early I took a trip to the attic. The attic entrance is right above this:On my way down with a box of yard sale goodies, my elbow caught the edge of the shelf... and there is goes. Not only did it fall but it gashed my wall and baseboard, and left an array of marks on the wall.

I took a deep breath, and started to clean it all up. I got it completely up and... yep you guessed it, it all came down AGAIN. So frustrating.... but even laying on the floor it was pretty.

I did work on another project over the weekend. I'll post pictures tomorrow!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Ouch... well... take a picture and maybe you can frame it and put it on that shelf... you know... as a memento of your first boo boo in the house (i am assuming this is the first). After a few years and a few more boo boo's, it might mean something to you! :-)


RayRay said...

That's it!? Aw, come on. I wanted cat fights and punches.

Lynnette said...

OH dear. That is so frustrating. I feel for you and can completely relate. I have a similar story. I was up in our attic where we didn't have any covering to walk on, so I had to walk on the cross beams. Anyway, being a klutz, that I am, I lost my balance, put my foot thru the dry wall. Now my husband has a big hole in his ceiling in his "man cave."

Hang in there!