Sunday, April 26, 2009

it's hot in here.

No seriously, it's like 85 degrees in my house right now and it's 9:30. Let me explain. Last night Chase and I went to bed. After laying there a second I kept hearing this clicking noise. We had our fan on so I assumed it was something being knocked against the wall by the fan. So I asked Chase to please figure out what it was. Well, he kindly reached over to his nightstand, but not finding anything he reached down to the floor. Here's how the next part of the conversation went:

Chase: Oh no.
Courtney: What?
Chase: Did you spill something?
Courtney: What? No.
Chase: The floor is wet.

We proceed to get out of bed and start to check out our room to try to figure out where the water is coming from. Everything looks good though. BUT THEN... we went out to the other side of the wall... um yea water. Chase climbs up into the attic and says:

Chase: Courtney what did you do up here?
Courtney: huh? What? Nothing, I've only been up there one time EVER. (I'm afraid of heights and I hate ladders).
Chase: It look like some one killed our HVAC.

So yea, no ac here. It's hot too, and we can't really open the windows because my allergies are awful right now. Thankfully it looks like we will only have to endure one night of this.

Well, when I am hot, I seem to be frustrated pretty easily. Keep that in mind when you see this card:I used a new stamp set. I'm really not happy with how it is stamped (even after sanding), but I'm hoping that gets better. Isn't that owl cute. Totally not my "normal" style.

I did cut out and add some dimension with the leaves.

Stamp: The Paper Studio
Paper: Stamper's Select White, Cosomo Cricket
Ink: Chocolate Chip, Ripe Avacado
Thickers and Basic Grey Buttons


Winter said...

Hey Courtney! Sorry about your a/c! My husband owns his own a/c & heating company, he can't help you all the way from Texas :), but if you have any questions or need info,let me know!

Kelley Eubanks said...

hey girl... sorry about your air going out. we have had trouble with ours several times and it stinks. I love your card... i think it is cute. what stamp set did you get? you know i may want to borrow it.. ha.

Chase said...

Did you smash our a/c unit? =) the post made me laugh.

Lynnette said...

Sorry about the A/C, that is a bummer. I'm glad you're getting it fixed soon. Hang in there! I think your card is adorable, so your frustration didn't show through:)

thevfiles said...

No fun :o(. Hopefully this is AC deal is covered under your home warranty, right?

Oh, and as for the card, I like the little owl too. I think the owl would make great baby boy thank you card.

~kelly marie~ said...

I hope your AC gets fixed! This card is a cutie! Love the owl!

Ann said...

Bummer about your a/c. :( Your card is absolutely adorable!