Monday, April 27, 2009

it's STILL hot in here.

In other words I don't have anything craft to show you tonight! My craft room seems super uninviting when it involves walking up into the heat. Chase and I camped out downstairs where it was nice a cool all night. We did get some stuff done. We shopped for some outdoor tile, hung a blind that I had to special order, and got a good bike ride in.

So no card, but I do have a funny story. Today several of my friends from work went out to lunch to celebrate Mary Anna's birthday. Now if you are keeping track you might be thinking, "Is it still her birthday?" Well, yea kind of. This was actually the first date that worked for everyone to go out so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAB. So off we go. Now, can I add that this isn't a group that normally goes out to lunch together. This is a group that consists of Mary Anna's team (including her boss) and some friends. On our way out we are talking about where we are eating (Calypso Cafe in case you war wondering, so good), and I am deep in thought conveying what my husband Chase normally orders to Mary Anna's boss when WHAM! Yep, I ran into the wall. Yea, the wall. I guess technically it was door frame, but it was a large door frame. Just ran into it. I'm telling you the heat is getting to me here. I need a How I Met Your Mother type intervention (speaking of do you watch that show, I think it's HILARIOUS but I can never find anyone else who watches). It was pretty embarrassing, but so ridiculous that all I really could do was laugh. I hope you are laughing too, because let's admit it when someone runs into a wall when they aren't looking is funny.

I'm off to read Mansfield part and pretend that that it's nice and cool.


Kelley Eubanks said...

you know i watch it... we love it!! it is great! sorry you ran into a wall! :-)

Lynnette said...

OH girl, I do stuff like that more often than I care to admit. I am more prone to tripping, but basically I am just a clutz. I hope your AC is fixed soon!

~kelly marie~ said...

I love How I Met Your Mother!!! It is one of my favorite shows. Anything with NPH in it is awesome! :)