Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of the top 10 of 2009.

I always hope that I like the things I make, but let's be honest sometimes I'm not. Or sometimes I make a card, like it just fine, but it's just not really my style. Am I the only one like this? But every once in awhile there are those cards that I just LOVE. So far this year I've had a few of those cards, but this was one of them. I like the style, colors, uniqueness... it's just me.
There was a lot of cutting with this card, and that actually brings me to a tip I wanted to share. Every once in awhile someone asks me about how I cut these intricate shapes, and I always say slowly! I also, use my non-scissor holding hand to move the paper along. My last tip, is really on how to hide your mistakes. I don't think I've ever cut anything out and had it be 100% perfect. I do always take time to critically look at my piece before I glue it. I don't know about you, but that drive me CRAZY to see mistakes after you've put it together.

Lastly, when I cut out a piece, I will ink up the edges if I didn't cut it perfectly. For example to two little flowers in the card above, I used the orange or tempting turquoise to cover any white I left behind. Here's another example from the 3x3 cards I made last week:This little sentiment was cut out of a sheet from Cosmo Cricket. Because the surrounding paper was purple, and I had missed a few tiny places I just inked up the edges with purple! Works like a charm.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stamps: Life
Paper: Basic Black, Pumpkin Pie, Tempting Turquoise, White
Ribbon: Black Saddle Stitch
Ink: VersaMagic Midnight Black


Brit Swiderski said...

Gorgeous! I love the intricacy of the cutting and how you arranged everything. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. You might want to check out my blog- I think there might be something you would like to see. ;)

Casey said...

Courtney....I love the Life stamp you used in the lastest card you posted. Is that stamp available for purchase? You make the most beautiful cards and are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for that.

Courtney Baker said...

Casey - Thank you! It means so much that people actually like the things I make!

Here is the link for the stamp set from PaperTreyInk. It's $15 for the set

Casey said...

Hi Courtney....Thank you so much for giving me the information about the Life stamp. I'm on my way to their website now. I love you blog and just want you to know that I am just amazed at your work! I am just starting out with little scrapbooks and am trying to add some stamps to my pages. You just make me want to go....go....go!!! :)
Thanks again for you kindmess and the time you took to answer my post.

Kelley Eubanks said...

That is pretty Courtney! I love the color combination!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Not only is this card gorgeous, but your tip is awesome! I am not the best at cutting things out and anything to cover mistakes is good! :)

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

I love that card, the colors are gorgeous together and the card just pops! Great use of that set!