Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bead Board Project

Chase and I (um... more me) decided to add some bead board to our recently painted dining room. Here was our dining room before we ever started changing things:

And here is the current:

I'm pretty excited about it. Just in time for all the parties we will be hosting this year. If you are curious about the process, and how big of a mess we made doing this, you can watch our little video we made.


Hey December Daily girls... are you ready? Today's the big day - Dec. 1!


Kay said...

You have a beautiful dining room, Courtney!! It's amazing what bead board and molding will do to a room. It looks warm and inviting! I like your wall color, too! Happy December, my dear!!! ♥♥ Kay

Winter said...

Courtney, it looks so good! Ya'll have a beautiful house! :)

Laural-Lee said...

The bead board looks stunning! You do have a beautiful dining room. (Another EbtKS challenge perhaps) I like the light treatment.

Stephanie said...

This looks wonderful, Courtney...and I'm so glad you added why you were laying everything on your table to the video....I kept saying to myself, "Lay a cloth on the table, lay a cloth on the table" :)

Anonymous said...

your beadboard looks great!

i am a sucker for molding of any kind. i talked my hubby into installing wainscoting/judges panels in our dining room and i absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

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