Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Update

Moving is not fun. Really it's NOT fun. Chase and I are officially moved out of one house and now we are in the process of waiting for our next house to be built! We officially close on our old house on Wednesday. We'll miss our house.

There are about a thousand things that have happened to cause me to take a little break in releasing new stamps sets and blogging. One of the main reasons is for the past three months I've been covering two positions as work (my "real" job), and it's been demanding. And as hard as it has been, I've loved it. Between that, Chase changing churches, our trip, and moving... I just couldn't fit one more thing on my plate.

I do want you to know that Practicing Creativity is still up and running! I'm fulfilling orders everyday! We are just taking a break while we transition before we release any new sets!

I know this is a LONG over due update!

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