Friday, December 19, 2008

wanting a vaca...

So the girls at work are planning their vacations for next year, and well, I've got the bug as well. What is there about always wanting to plan something to look forward to?
Anyways, I thought in an attempt to talk my sweet, loving, extrememly hot hubby (can you tell I'm trying to butter him up) to go to Seattle, I'm going to break down a few options. Any advice, opinions on these selections is much appreciated.
We just purchased our first house, so this year is a "keep it real" vacation. In other words Italy, Greece, London, Hawaii will not be in the discussion.
This week I'm planning to do a little research on these beauties:

Cruise to no where (actually I will pick somewhere to review, but I'm not sure where yet):

Okay actually those are the only two Chase and I have discussed so far. Any more suggestions I should look into?

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Ray said...

My absolute favorite place in the world is New York. It's amazing. BUT expen$ive. Don't know how it compares to Seattle, but you should check it out.

Then, if you've never been, there's DC. Most everything to do there is free. So that's good.

The best trip that Angela and I ever too was to SF and Montery. Flew in to Oakland. Rented a car. Drove to San Fran. Spent a night in a B&B and did the city. Drove down Hwy 1 Montery. 2 nights in a B&B. Did the aquarium. Drove the coast some more. Drove back up to San Jose. Did the amusement park. And flew out of San Jose. One of the best vacations ever.