Tuesday, December 30, 2008

option three: boston

I've never been to Boston, and actually neither has Chase. Chase is all about the beaches, so this will be a stretch.
Here's the facts:

Flights: $300 a piece

Hotel: Expensive. On first glace everything looks to be $350 or more a night.

Things to do:
- Catch a Red Sox game
- Walk the Freedom Trail
- Visit Harvard (Haaaavvvvard...I'm not above buying a sweat shirt and pretending I'm an alum)
- Visiti the north end

I'm sure there are things I'm missing, but I know my friend Kelly can give me all the needed info.

So what do you think? So far I have Seattle, Alaska with a stop in Seattle, and Boston.


Meridee said...

I have heard how beautiful Boston is, but my vote is Seattle. The mountains...the ocean...all in one area.

Emily Echols said...

Yeah as soon as this wedding is over, we get back into the routine of life, lets get together! Let us know what night might work best for yall!!! Happy New Year!