Tuesday, December 23, 2008

day two: cruise to Alaska

Next up on my list of options is a cruise to Alaka.

The Facts:

Flight Cost: Same as below

Cruise itenerary:

Cruise Cost:
Interior: $549
Outside: $749
Stuff to do: Well there is all of the below stuff if we can spend more time than just on the boat, dog sleds, glaciers, kayaking, a ton of trails, pretty much all outdoorsy stuff, oh and whale watching. I get really excited about whale watching!
I'm not sure if this surprises you, but I'm 100% okay with that.
So I've gotten a few nods for Seattle. What do you think about Alaska and everything cold? I think I'll review some warm places tomorrow.
Oh and happy Christmas Eve Eve.

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Emily Echols said...

I have always thought an Alaskan cruise would be great! I love all your research, it makes me start thinking about vacations too! I think yall would love it!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! We need to get together and talk about the neighborhood group.