Sunday, December 28, 2008


Okay, so I don't call it my studio, but that sounds so glamorous. I call it my craft room, but I'm going to thinking about studio from now on.

I just added the leaf to my table. Just using the circle was too small. I also reorganized all of my ribbon into glass containers on old fashioned clothes pins. This works A LOT better than my old system that I got from Real Simple magazine. I like Real Simple, but using coat hangers for holding ribbon = bad idea. Any time I would unroll one I would have to try to hold all the other rolls to keep them from unrolling. Not fun.

So here are the pictures:Also, the letter press drawer above my desk has pictures, embossing powder, glitter, ribbon etc. I got this idea from Ali Edwards. I have one similar to hers in my husband's office.

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