Monday, December 22, 2008

day one: seattle

Breaking down the facts:
Flight cost: $420 total if we go early March; $600 in June
Hotel:$230 or less per night
Places on interest:
Mt. Rainer - gorgeous (I'm a sucker for a city beside the ocean and mountains)

Space Needle - We don't need a picture, right?

Things to do:
Whale Watching (I want to do this so bad)
Ride Bikes (apparently everyone rides bikes and drinks coffee in Seattle)
Go to Pike's Place
Also, Ray said his favorite vacation was going to San Fran and Monterey. I have actually done a very similar trip with a stop at Yosemite National Park after the two above. Other than my honeymoon in Maui, that was my next favorite. I might also do a little NYC research.

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Kelly said...

I've done the Seattle/Victoria vacation and LOVED it! The mountain is not always "out" in Seattle, so realize that looking up and seeing Rainier isn't always possible... but driving to it and checking it out IS (unless it's winter/spring and the roads that way are closed).

Mt. St. Helen's is pretty amazing too. You need to stop at the lookout points on the way up; each has different, amazing, views. When you get to the Observatory (Johnson? Johnston?), PAY FOR THE MOVIE so you can best understand this volcano.

Victoria is gorgeous, especially if you take a side trip up to Butchard Gardens. The flowers there are breathtaking. I also enjoyed the ferry ride from WA to BC... very relaxing and refreshing.

Kelly in Ohio