Tuesday, July 22, 2008

swing the vote.

Since my previous post about the guest bedroom, I've fallen in love with a duvet cover from Pottery Barn. Here is my second option for the guest bedroom:
With this color (Sweet Daphne):
Obviously Pottery Barn helped since they have already paired these two together, but I actually had noticed this color before.

Also, since I don't have furniture for this room yet, I'm thinging of making a white fabric headboard. Any other fabric suggestions?

Which room do you like better... Kelly Green and White or Sweet Daphne and lots of color?


kelley said...

i think either will look wonderful. i am partial to lots of color so i will have to go with this one... color makes me happy!!

Mary Anna said...

Sweet Daphne and lots of color. And I think the white fabric headboard would POP. Love it. Go green!