Tuesday, July 15, 2008

study, study schools your buddy.

I got the above title from my friend Andrea. Chase and I used to stay out late at her and her husband's house, and Chase would always need to be studying for seminary instead. When we would be leaving Andrea would say, "Study, Study schools your buddy." It makes me smile every time I think about it.

Onto the office. Here's the deal with the office. Chase needs an office and I need a craft room. Okay, I hear you, an office that Chase can use is probably more important, but it doesn't change the fact that I like to create 'stuff.' So hopefully we can make it work. We have this great desk that we made (with the help of my dad). We got an old door, made bookshelf/saw horse for the desk to sit on like this:

We also have these dark brown book shelves from American Signature:

And we have another small desk:

So we have pretty much what we need to get a nice office set up, but it's an office that needs to serve two purposes. Thankfully most of my craft stuff will be housed in a large closet that can be shut, but it will be interesting to see how it all works out. Of course Chase kindly (joking) said I was welcome to take over the laundry room! Ha! He also said I could have the guest bedroom to take over, but I actually like the idea of being in the same room and working. I like spending time with my husband.

In my dream world I would like to have one wall of cork, like this:

Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this, who to get to do this. I'm really at a loss! However, now that I write that I should probably ask my brother (he lays hardwood floors). I'm not sure that I've 100% sold Chase on this idea but this is the color I would like:

I'm honestly not a big red fan, but for some reason I love the way this looks. Plus, I would like to use some different colors. I'm naturally drawn to blue, green and yellow. What do you think?


RayRay said...
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RayRay said...

"...Chase would always need to be studing for seminary instead...."

Isn't it funny how one missing letter can totally change the meaning of a sentence? What kind of seminary classes was he taking!?

Mary Anna said...

I love the red walls with the dark accessories against them. I think the cork is a fabulous idea---and even if you didn't do a whole cork wall, you could do large areas. Very cool.

kelley said...

Hey... love the red... you know me though.. i love bright colors!! ha
i love the desk you guys made. it is so funny that you guys made that. i tried to buy a desk just like that not too long ago but didn't have a place for such a big desk anywhere in the house!! i guess we share some similar tastes..

Courtney Baker said...

Ray I corrected my spelling! I totally forgot to run spell check, and I found a few things!