Monday, July 14, 2008

a new home.

I've started to document some of progress with the house. I really want to make this album more about the process/story. With only one page complete, it looks different than anything else I've designed, but I'm actually really enjoying the process of writing and trying something different. Hopefully, I'll have more of these pages in the near future.

Credits - Font Ali Edwards Creative Memories


kelley eubanks said...

i like the new look... :-)

Mary Anna said...

Let's be real...this kinda made me tear up a big. Especially the part where you guys prayed on your dirt! I love it.

Have you noticed that I say "I love it" a lot? I love it.

And, can you document me on a daily basis with those little boxes and photos? I give you permission to put your artistic twist on yours truly...

Mary Anna said...

Just re-read that... I meant "tear up a bit," not "tear up a big."

Finish that sentence:

Tear up a big ______.