Sunday, July 13, 2008

an inspired home.

Our house is officially framed. The weekend of July 4th Chase and I headed out to the house to see what had been happening. The foundation was complete, which was great. Last Monday I drove by again. To my displeasure nothing had changed. I know I'm pretty impatient. However, on Tuesday I drove by with zero expectations, after all it had rained all day. To my surprise we had a first floor! I wish I could describe my excitement. I honestly looked around to tell someone. So exciting.

What's funny is that when we purchased the house, I wasn't that excited. I had the, "it's just a house" attitude. Mainly because I was tired of looking. I don't feel like I'm a picky person, but maybe I am. Okay okay, I am. But my relaxed attitude has turned into a full fledged giddiness. Everyday I drive by I get more excited. Last night, Chase and I drove by to see that the roof is now framed. I've never liked that people have to work on Saturdays, but in the case of my own home I was ecstatic. We even went in to see that there was some standing water from the rain. So, since this is our house, we brushed it all out. I will now refer to that moment as our first "home improvement project."

Obviously, you can tell I'm getting into the house mode. I've been looking for ideas for the house for awhile, but I would like to run them by my blog readers (all 3 of you). If you think I'm making a bad decision, feel free to warn me.

Let's start with the living room:

***these are the furniture stores websites, I hate the accessories they have on these items.***

Our couch (this is the newer version, ours is the same shape but a darker tan color). We also own an armless chair that matches the couch. I would rather have two chairs that don't match at all, but it was a packaged deal.

Our tables:

As you can already see, I like to mix tradition and modern elements. I think it's fun, and it fits my style or lack of. We have two end tables that look like this:
We will have a fireplace, and lots of lighting. Our floors are very dark and distressed. We are planning on getting a light rug. In an ideal world I would get this rug from West Elm:

However, that run is only available in a 3x5 now. So, more than likely we will end up with something like this in the ivory:

For the walls we are talking about a slight gray color. We are going for a look like this:
It's pretty neutral, but I have lots of color everywhere else. And I'm planning on adding some fun graphic pillows that coordinate with our breakfast area and kitchen.
Which of these pillows do you think would work best (I'm thinking a nice yellow in the adjacent rooms):

I had a few more pillows that I thought would work, but for some reason my image loader isn't working. Here's a link to the last set. I also have been thinking about green pillows. If you have any suggestions let me know.

I'm going to try to cover the other rooms on here as well. It helps me organize my thoughts for each room. I also should have some scrapbook pages soon!


Mary Anna said...

First of all, I think it's hilarious that yall swept out the water. I love it.

And I love those throw pillows, much more so than the brown ones you linked. I am a big fan of birds. And those colors are going to pop right off the couch. I love it.

I can't wait until you get settled in so I can come over and admire your green room!!!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I think it is all going to look great! I am excited for you guys. You guys have worked hard and deserve all of it!!

see... i read your blog.. :-)