Sunday, July 6, 2008

long overdue.

I don't even want to make an excuse about why I haven't blogged lately, but I do realize that this post is long overdue. So let's catch up:

Since April 30:
- Celebrated an Anniversary
- Errrr. Is that it? Guess so. So you haven't missed much.

Here are my latest projects. First up a baby shower invitation for my friend Christie. My friend Ashley helped a ton with these. I love how they turned out.

I'm becoming a huge fan of Paper Trey Ink. I'm going to add her blog to my list of blogs I check out. It's so good. If you have never checked out their products check them out.

The stamps above are from Paper Trey Ink - Bitty Baby, Chocolate Chip paper, White paper, B. Blue paper, ribbon, black Stazon.

Next up are a set of cards I made for a friend. They are also from a monogram stamp set from Paper Trey Ink (did I mention I love their stuff)?
Stamps from Paper Trey Ink, Paper G. Green and P. Pie, Ink P. Pie, G. Green, C. Chip.

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Mary Anna said...

Hellooooo, I can think of a thousand things going on in your life right now that are hugely monumental and fun!

Glad you're back!!!