Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm a little under the weather today. It's worked out kind of good to be sick right now while I'm waiting to start my new job. However, I just really want to get over this before I start on Friday. I think there is enough pressure starting a new job, but to be sick at the same time is just not good. I was thankful to have some Tomato Basil Orzo soup left over from the other night. Soup just feels good when you don't.

I did manage to get a layout done yesterday:
February Collab - Funky Playground; Paper Curl - Marcie Reckinger and Traci Murphy; Notebook Paper - Anne deJong

In Chase's family all the guys are Alabama fans and all the wives are Tennessee fans. It's pretty funny. These pictures were from our trip to Tuscaloosa.

Anyone know what they are doing for their husband/wife for Valentine's Day? I think we are going to stay in and cook, but I need to start searching for what that's going to be. And I'm thinking a serious chocolate cake is in order!


Alison said...

sorry to hear you're job on Fri 2/1? you'll be so excited and nervous all at the same'll do great...we'll have to do lunch the valentine mail box and your scrap book pages.

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

gorgeous layout!! And I need some Tomato Basil Orzo soup!

Lauren said...

Hey Courtney

you really are great at scrapbooking. I hope your job is going well.