Monday, January 21, 2008

stepping over into the dark side

After much thought I've decided to start a blog. Thanks to some good friends that have recently been encouraging me to blog and share my crafts. I do have a digital layout I did this weekend.

Credits: Lazy Man Bows, I Need A Date - Chere Kaye; Barely There Vol. 3 - Amy Wolff; Boardy Leaves - Gina Miller; Beautiful (frame) - Marcie Reckinger; Milestones: First Day of School (frame), Alpha Scraps - Anne deJong; Fabric Flowers - Vera Lim; Silk Ribbon - Paint the Moon; Doodle Frames - Jenna Desai; Glitter Paint Splats - Christina Renee; Black Doodle Alpha - Kate Hadfield; Scribbled Swirls - Amy Hutchinson

I have started a new theory behind scrapbooking. Normally I try to get pages done in a short amount of time. However, recently I've started to make myself wait at least a day to officially complete it. A day removed sometimes I see something I should try, or a mistake I made. Fresh eyes seem to make a difference. I actually originally started this page for the Hodge Podge blog challenge, but it took on a life of its own and didn't meet the criteria at all!

I'm cooking taco soup and having friends over! Happy Monday.


Shannon Adams said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go, Court! By the way, the Taco Soup was wonderful. Thanks for cooking for us!

Ali said...

GREAT job! I'm really impressed and glad to read about your thoughts/ideas. The journaling thing got to me also... I finally ripped mine to shreds...I decided to write my thoughts, prayer request, etc. in my calendar..I've kept my calendars for years...that's the only way my grandchildren will know what happend on what day....they'll have to sit and flip through my calendars