Saturday, January 26, 2008

the week of firsts

I tried sushi Thursday and today I had my first facial. I finally realize why people get facials. My skin feels incredible, so good that I haven't put makeup on all day. I just don't want to mess with with how it feels.

I also feel in love with the moisturiser she used. It felt great, and it smelled great! I was pretty disappointed to find out it cost $56! Ah! I know the importance of moisturising, but come on $56.
Here's my most recent layout:

Chere Kaye-Layering Templates, Boyful Christmas; Kate Hadfield-Black Doodle Alpha, Heavy Duty Staples; Amy Hutchinson-Courthouse Doodles, Scribbled Swirls; Jenna Desai-Doodle Frames Anne deJong-Milestones: First Day of School; Rachel YoungSpilled Sequins; Micheline Martin-Stapled Buds; Paint the Moon- Ribbon

Our nephew is a big fan of saying "Oh Man." Way too cute. It actually took me awhile to get this one done. I actually started over a few times: once because my computer froze and at least a couple of times because I couldn't get the elements to work with the way I wanted the photos.


Rose said...

That LO is soooo cute. Just altogether adorable. And just so you know, I've never had a facial and the only sushi I've had is California Rolls

Haley said...

You're too cute. Lindsay told me about the Therapy Systems thing - I think I'm going to sign up for it. That's such a great deal!

Haley said...

Everyone has a blog these days! Who did you hang out with? When?