Friday, January 25, 2008


I know I'm way behind, but I've never tried sushi before, well until last night. Every time I've had the opportunity to try it, well I just didn't. I finally did, and well I guess it was okay. Maybe it is an acquired taste, and I just need to give it another chance. However, my biggest problem was that my friends insisted I eat it all at once. I really don't think I could even enjoy the sushi because I was too worried that I was going to choke. They said I could cut it in half, but I just felt kind of silly.

I used my friend google to find out if there was such a thing as mini sushi out there. Well there is one restaurant in Florida. I'm thinking my second attempt at eating sushi will be at Fah Asian Bistro. Anyone up for a trip to Boca Raton, FL (I have no idea where that is).

My latest project has been with all the Christmas cards we have sitting around the house. I like to throw things away, but for some reason I haven't been able to throw away photo Christmas cards. I've been thinking of a way to bind them into a little book that I could put out every year. Here's what I came up with:
An inside view:

I just used some twine from the Tractor Supply Company and ribbon to bind it. Make sure you don't bind it too tight. I made that mistake and had to loosen the twine. I also did the pictures back to back, rather than all facing one way. That way at Christmas time you could set it out open to two pictures rather than one.

I'm also thinking every year I'll just unbind the twine and add the next year's cards. That way I have one book and not 20.

Stamps: Baroque roller, Always Artichoke (paper, ink and marker)


Shannon Adams said...

I love the card book idea! I'm also selfishly glad you all went to eat Sushi without me...I'm not a big fan of raw animals :)

Mary Anna said...

I am not a sushi fan because I can't get the dang things all the way in my mouth before my gag reflex starts kicking in. Maybe we should open up a restaurant in Nashville that makes mini sushi?

Randomly, the mean cafeteria guy was working one of the stations today---and he was making sushi! It looked disgusting and questionable. Best to stick to the basics with Aramark.