Thursday, March 27, 2008


First of all, I really love March Madness. I don't stay up late for a lot of things, but I'm totally staying up to watch all the games. Okay, I'll admit I'm slightly biased towards the last game, Tennessee v. Louisville.

Guess what I got today. My shutterfly book. I ended up having 70 pages in it:

I also finished The Shack last night. I highly recommend it. It's one of those books that you can't put down, but when you finish you realize how deep it is and reread it.

I don't have a product to suggest today, but I do have a buying suggestion. Don't buy a Zebra Plant. I wanted something that would live in my office with zero outside light. The guy at Home Depot, who seemed smart, said the Zebra plant would live! Yea right. The thing didn't even make it a week, and it's at my house. Yea yea, bring on the jokes, but I promise it's not me!

Here's what it should look like:
And here's what I have:

Poor thing. No but seriously, if you have any advice, I could obviously use them.


RayRay said...

Bring that book tomorrow. I wanna see it.

Mary Anna said...

You need to bring that book to work! I want to see it!

While Gertrude the Philodendrum is taking over my office, I don't claim to be a green thumb. Normally I kill plants. Wish I could offer a bit of expertise...