Sunday, March 16, 2008

a new layout.

I'm watching Food Network's Dr. Seuss Cake Challenge. These cake people are incredible. Here is my latest layout. I really love the way the picture goes across the page. And here's my secret: the picture is really two pictures. Obviously if you look closely at the middle you will see the seam of the two pictures.
Most of the layout is from Chere Kaye's part of All We Need. If you're interested you can get it at There is also a hybrid kit that goes with it!

All We Need, Chere Kaye; Alphas, Corina Nielsen; Lace Glitter, Christina Renee; Font, Ali Edwards

1 comment:

Mary Anna said...

Can I bring you my massive box of high school and college photos/memorabilia and have you put it all together in a little binder, neatly documenting all of my happy memories? You have a gift.

Oh, and hi from cube land, four down.