Sunday, March 23, 2008

a modern look.

As Easter has pasted, I'm reminded of some of the Easter activities that we no longer participate in. For example, my husband's family has an Easter egg hunt every year. And, all the grandkids participate. To increase the excitement, we would hunt for money! It was great. Apparently we have outgrown this, as the youngest is 18. I already miss it.

I also miss Easter dresses. I know, I could go buy my own. However, on a normal basis, I NEVER wear dresses. I'm just not a dress girl. Friday my mom, sister and I went out to pick out my sister's (16) Easter dress. I miss that, even though normally I don't wear dresses. I want someone to buy me one for Easter.

As much as I miss somethings, I think the older I get the more I appreciate Easter. Not that I don't have Easter dresses or hunts, I only have the real meaning to focus on.

Now back to crafts.

Here's a card I made. I love the modern look of it.
Here's what I used: Spring Solitude, Only Orange ink and paper, Cool Caribbean ink (retired), corner rounder, dimensional, buttons

Here's another one of my favorite products, Glade ForceFlex Bags. These things never rip. I hate when I'm taking the trash out and something rips the bag and I'm losing trash as I take it out.

Let me know if you love these too, or if you know of something better. I'm a sucker for something new!

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Mary Anna said...

Easter, agreed. I can't remember the last time I bought an Easter dress. I also love how Easter used to be license for breaking out the white patent leather shoes as a little girl. I don't even think I own a white pair of sandals now.

I'm still jealous of your crafty skills. Those cards are fabulous.

And I love ForceFlex bags, especially because I hate taking out the garbage. The more you can cram in means the less you have to visit the dumpster.