Saturday, March 22, 2008

i heart shutterfly.

No seriously Shutterfly made my day. They are giving me a free 8x8 album. Little do they know I've been waiting around for a sale to order my 2007 album. I love them.

I was missing one page before I could order the book, so here it is:
Paper (One Fine Day) by Micheline Martin; Mossygreen Brushes- Kimberly Giarrusso; Swirly Whirly Strings, Fluffy Puffy Ribbons- Natalie Braxton; Staple, Doodled Black Alpha- Kate Hadfield; Pretty Petals- Blythe Evans; Alpha Bits- Christina Renee; Font- Ali Edwards

Also, I wanted to share another one of my favorite things. I love Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Mr. Clean is the man. These things can get anything white, super white. For example, the refrigerator door. You know all those gross finger prints, gone. Or what about your light switches? Or so clean. Trust me these things are worth a try, and it's kind of fun to go around your house looking for anything white! Try them out, let me know if you agree.

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