Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a new road bike!

Look what just came in the mail today (yes it really came in the mail): Now, my road bike has clipless petals (and that's actually weird because you clip in and out of them). Basically your shoe is attached to your petal by a little piece on the botton of your shoe. Now normally to learn how to clip in and out you tend to fall over. I've been dreading fall over on my bike for awhile now. Actually here's my husband's post on his first trip on his new bike. I laugh every time I read it!
For my first time out I was determined not to fall over, and if I was going to fall over, I was going to do it in the grass! But actually I did just fine clipping out. What I did not do well with was carrying my bike upstairs for Chase to work on it some more. Note to self, never carry your bike backwards. I stabbed my knee with my gears. Let me tell you it hurt (you can see my stab wounds).
Hopefully that is still better than falling off my bike! I can't wait to really ride!


Lynnette said...

ouchie! I wish you the best with the new bike. I'm way too clutsy to try clipless petals. I love your blog!

Purple D said...

Ouch!! Look at you go, biker!!

We are bikers, too!!

Have lots of fun!