Sunday, March 22, 2009

craft night with the girls.

Friday night was so much fun hanging out with some craft girls over at my friend Kelley's house. First of all can I just say Kelley is soooo organized. I've known this for awhile but we got to experience her photo organization system- so organized. K- thanks for hosting, you were awesome.

My mom, Emily and I worked on making baskets from Lauren Meader's Timeless Template. I feel like I'm pretty good at most crafty things, but this wasn't the easiest thing to get together for the first time. Emily and my mom just kept saying, "I don't know about this." The did turn out pretty cute, but after three hours we were only able to cut everything for 10 baskets and make one. Here it is:
Here is a picture Kelley, Emily, and I from Friday (check out those albums and photo storage in the background). I would show the other pictures of my mom, Allison, Emily and I, but well I look awful. My bangs were all messed up! GIRLS- why didn't you tell me? :) Actually they still are in this picture - oh well. Oh and check out my paint jacket - nice huh?

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Emily Echols said...

Well I have to say, the basket is really cute!!! Glad you went for it and did not listen to your mom and I!