Tuesday, March 24, 2009

an exciting day.

Well, two pretty exciting things happened today.

First of all I was selected as honorable mention over on Nichole Heady's blog. Just to be able to read her thoughts on my card was such an honor! Papertrey Ink has been my favorite stamp company for awhile, and seriously they never disappoint!

The second thing is, I won a tree! Yep, that's right a tree. Stace Hasegawa the art director from PaperCrafts magazine gave away one of her hand made tress from the magazine. Here's her original post. I didn't exactly know what it would look like in real life, but it is so cute... check it out!
I'm planning on sending Stace a thank you card, but man is the presure on. I can't just send any thank you card to a girl that can make a tree out of paper!

1 comment:

Purple D said...

CONGRATS, Courtney!! The card on Nicole's website is exquisite!

Wow, you won a tree?! That's awesome, haven't heard of anyone who won a tree!

We bought a Satsuma tree not too long ago and it just started to bloom :-)

Thanks so much for following my blog. You are so talented!