Saturday, August 1, 2009


So yesterday, I took my wedding ring over to our local jewelry store to have it cleaned and checked out. They guy was super nice, and since the jewelry store Chase original bought it from has now gone out of business, I was looking for a "regular" place to go. They manager checked it out and said "everything looks good, but that is not to say one of your really small stones won't fall out tomorrow." Have you guessed what happened today? Yep, one of my small stones fell out. I mean this is a tiny diamond they are all over my ring, but it still stinks. I mean sersiouly what are the chances?

I did finish the back of my scrapbook page I showed yesterday. I basically went with Lime Ricky papers from Basic Grey. Also, sometimes, I like to use the pattern paper to make an element. Usually it's just cutting part of the pattern out. I did this on all three of the pattern sheets.
Also, for this page, I wrote directly on the page protector with a sharpie. I think it gives it a pretty cool look.
I also updated my flowers around the house. I love when I find the manager special flowers at Kroger! I bought a ton today for about $7. Here are just a few:


Kelley Eubanks said...

Great page! Lovely flowers!! Typical Chase face, huh? ha!! He still looks cute even when he makes a silly face!

Lynnette said...

OH, I'm so sorry about the ring. One of my co-worker friends lost her 1 c. diamond but found it! Love your page!

PurpleD said...

You should go back to the guy and have him say "..that is not to say that the stone won't reappear on your ring tomorrow"...see what happens :-)

I saw Lynnette's comment and now I'm really worried about the diamond on my ring!

Winter said...

Very cute page! About the ring, I helped at a PTO Fall Festival a couple of years ago, it was all day and really cold, so when I got home I took a hot bath and noticed the big diamond on my wedding ring was gone! I was so upset, I went and looked at where I might have lost it, but never found it! I didn't go get it checked regularly, so the warranty was void! I had to quit wearing it, because it just looked weird, so my husband took it when I didn't know a couple of days later and got a new diamond in it. When we sat down for dinner one night, he handed me a ring box, I just started crying, it was so sweet of him! Needless to say, I go get it checked a couple times a year now! :)

~kelly marie~ said...

Wonderful page! I love the papers you used!!

So sorry about your stone! That has happened to me twice. Weirdly enough, I have found the tiny stone each time, once a week later! Good thing is that it is an easy fix. I hope they can fix it soon!