Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy valentine's day chase.

Chase worked a ton this weekend out in Brentwood. So I had a lot of time to do something creative for him for Valentine's Day. I decided that I would clean/organize his office at church and get him some new fish for his aquarium (don't ask about his old fish, rest their souls).

So first thing I went to my parent's house and got two chairs that my dad used when he owned his own business.They look so nice. Chase, actually has a really great office. When he moved to this office last year one of the coolest things we did was create black dry erase boards. We pained a black square and then hung plexiglass over it. He has to use wet dry erase markers to show up, but it is really cool. It would have been really cool if I would have taken a picture with the markers in action, but I had already gotten them totally clean. I wasn't going to clean them again. :) So after organizing, things looked pretty good:My final project was refilling the fish tank. Man, that takes forever. I remember the first time Chase and I did it, we had a bucket, but I had no idea where to find a bucket at church. So I improvised and used a trashcan. I'm so glad no one saw me. My next problem was that I couldn't put fish in the aquarium for a few days, so I settled for some fake ones. Chase also had this card waiting for him. I will say, although it was a present for Chase, I loved organizing everything.

Right here would be a good place to write about how much a I love Chase, but since I know he'll never read this, I'll save you all the mushy stuff. Happy Valentine's Day Friends.


Mary Anna said...

Did you yank that water-stones-fountain-relaxing-sounds thing from work???

Courtney Baker said...

Ha, no I actually got that years ago, but it is the same one!