Monday, January 26, 2009

my mom's dining room.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Chase and I painted my parent's dining room this weekend. A while back, my sweet friend Emily dropped off a magazine off at my house. Emily I need to give that back by the way! In the magazine I saw a dining room that I knew my mom would love. She just finished her kitchen, and she is working her way around the house.

Unfortunately the paint was by Farrow and Ball. We tried Lowes and Home Depot trying to match the color, but they just could not seem do anything other than grey. We decided to just get it from Farrow and Ball, but go ahead and guess home much a gallon was... $50, no... $75 a gallon, no... $257 for two gallons. Our last resort was Porter, and very patient gentleman finally made it work.


Primer on, and the ceiling cut in:
Last coat going on.
Let me tell you, my mom is never excited about colors. She always second guesses the color, but she loves this one! It looks amazing, and it really opens up the room!

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Layla said...

Can't wait to see me photos!

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