Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a different project.

Several months ago Chase and I found out our friends Sean and Christie were going to have a baby. I wanted to make them something special for the baby (I wish I could do this for everyone, but I honestly don't think I'll ever attempt it again! I'll have to think of something other than knitting to make for everyone else). I knitted a baby blanket.

I actually started knitting one day at the pool with my friend Ashley. I'm pretty sure the other people at the pool thought we were crazy, but it honestly didn't bother me at all. And I do enjoy knitting, it's actually pretty relaxing, well until my fingers start to hurt.

So here's the blanket. I didn't want to do baby blue, and Colin's room is sports themed so I thought this fit. Plus, I feel like this blanket will last longer since it's not too baby-ish.

Just a day after I was able to give this blanket to Sean and Christie, baby Colin came into the world! We are so excited about him!

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Mary Anna said...

I envy your mad knitting skills!