Sunday, July 19, 2009

a 12x12 page and weekend photography

***EDITED TO ADD**** Elise over at Mamacow Creations asked what was inside my grandmother's shed/garage/barn. Well, my grandfather, who passed away seven years ago, used this place to weld. The floor was dirt and it is partially exposed (see pictures below). Probably the coolest thing we found was the old wardrobe trunk thing that was still full of old clothes. And then we found a ton (and I mean a ton) of tools and metal scraps. Oh and lots of wasps. My mom and grandmother suffered stings.
I decided I would make a 12x12 Chicago page for my new scrapbook. I know I have a whole scrapbook on Chicago, but I thought it would be fun to have it documented in this form as well, plus this paper and transparency worked perfectly.

It was hard to photography this, but basically I journaled on the transparency and built the page on the patterned paper. I also used paint on this project to create the navy circle. There were circles through out the pattern paper and it was a great way to create a focal point.

Here's the page with the transparency:
Here's the page beneath it:
Here's what I used:

Paper and Transparency: Ticket to Ride, Snapshot (Little Yellow Bicycle)
Subway Thickers
7 Gypsies Claim Check
Delta Ceramcoat Navy Blue

Yesterday Chase and I went to help my family clean out my grandmother's garage/shed/barn (I'm not exactly sure what it is). Throughout the day I found some opportunities to take some great pictures.
And I thought this tree (yes, it's a tree) was beautiful, and I was devastated to hear that it had to go. Apparently it will get so heavy that it will cause damage to the structure. The cray thing was the tree came off in one huge piece. It was like natures own curtain! I'm getting ready to watch Design Star tonight! I'm pretty excited. If your watching... I'd love to hear who your early favorites are!


Kelley Eubanks said...

That is a great page... love how you used your new transparency! No pti package yesterday. I hope it comes tomorrow... i will text you when it comes so we can hook up! Love the pics you took too... they are great!

Christina said...

Super cool page! That transparency is SO cool! I really like how you tucked in those things behind the pics!

Ann said...

LOVE how you used your new transparency! Very cool LO!

p.s. You won my blog candy this week! ;)

Jane said...

awesome layout!

~kelly marie~ said...

This page is absolutely gorgeous!

Elise said...

Yes, YOU DID TAKE SOME EXQUISITE pictures! Woweee! Talk about some cool scrapbook ammunition! SO cool! Loving the black and white! I don't mean to be nosey.. but what was INSIDE!?! (You don't have to tell us, but I'm just saying: your photos tell a story of "buried treasure" for sure! Like a barn full of Tim Holtz kind of antiques! THAT kind of treasure!) Oh yea, and your L/O is so cool, indeed! {don't mean to minimize THAT!} Let me just say, way too much eye candy in one post! I've now got a sugar high! TFS!

Dana Gustafson said...

I'm with Elise, I love to know what's inside an old just never know!

Your page is a wonderful piee of eye candy and that transparency really makes a great impact!

travelingmama said...

How fun to watch Design Star! I miss HGTV so much! Love the photos and your scrapbook page too!

Lynnette said...

Awesome scrapbooking and wonderful photos. WOW great stuff at your blog :)

Ever Changing Seasons said...

I love Design Star. I figured one of the two ladies that made a mess of the bedroom would be kicked off. Just didn't know which one it would be. I only caught the last 25 minutes of it.

Courtney Baker said...

Alison- we so need to have a Design star party for the final show!

Kristin Russell Conn said...

I LOVE design star, I've yet to watch the first episode though on DVR... Last year when they did the kitchen challenge on the house in Nashville, my kitchen was a finalist, the producer came out here and shot video of us and the kitchen. Obviously we didn't get picked though, I think we weren't charismatic enough! Love your barn pics too!