Monday, November 17, 2008

working on the living room

There are a few blogs that I read (well maybe a lot more than a few, google reader helps), but one of those is The Lettered Cottage. Layla just started offering a service for design assistance. I don't know Layla, but when you read a blog frequently, you get the feel for the kind of designer they are. The first thing that sold me on Layla is that I LOVE her house. The second thing was the price! The third was that I was totally stuck on what to do in my living room.

I sent her some picture of our living room (which basically is a blank slate) and she came back with three different schemes for us to pick from:

Please excuse that picture above! Oh and the pillows on the couch. I would never use those, they just came on the couch!

Here are the three schemes Layla sent us:
We really love pieces from all of the rooms. Also, there is a second chair, but from this view she wasn't able to add it. And the coffee table is the wrong direction, but you get the idea. We decided that we will go with the rug, pillows, and chairs from the second scheme; the curtains and possibly the lamp from the third, and currently I'm torn between the picture ledge in the second and the mirrors from the first scheme. Which do you like better?

Layla also sent me a link of resources to purchase the products. Great huh?

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